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Diamond principle $♢$ (TeX \diamondsuit) is the statement what?...


$♢_κ$ or $♢(κ)$ is the statement “There exist sets $(S_α|α < κ)$, $S_α ⊆ α$ ($α < κ$) such that for any $X ∈ κ$ the set $\{α|X ∩ α = S_α\}$ is Mahlo” introduced in [1].[2]


  • $♢$ holds in the constructible universe $L$.
  • If $κ$ is ethereal and $2^\underset{\smile}{κ} = κ$, then $♢_κ$ holds (where $2^\underset{\smile}{κ} = \bigcup \{ 2^α | α < κ \}$ is the weak power of $κ$).[2]
  • If $κ$ is ineffable, weakly ineffable or subtle, then $♢_κ$ holds.[1][2]


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