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This page is aimed to be a collection of many results from papers, slides/presentation, etc. about Woodin's Ultimate L, HOD Conjecture, $\Omega$-conjecture, and other similar topics. I do intend this page to serve as a base for an article or more. Any suggestion is welcome.

Throughout this page, we will use $\text{ZFW}$ to denote $\text{ZFC+}$"there is a proper class of Woodin cardinals".

Projective sets, determinacy, $\Omega$-logic, $\Omega$-conjecture, Continuum Hypothesis

$L(\R)$, Universally Baire sets, Weak extender models, $\omega$-strong measurability, $\text{HOD}$ dichotomy

$\text{AD}^+$, Ultimate $L$, Conjectures

Suitable extender models, rank-into-rank cardinals