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Welcome to the Cantor's Attic community! We aim to provide a comprehence high-quality reference for all concepts of infinity in mathematics, including particularly the diverse large cardinal concepts, proof-theoretic ordinals, fine-structural ordinals and all other infinitary concepts studied in set theory, logic and mathematics.

This project aims to harness the abilities and efforts of the expert mathematical logic community---please help out! If you see a page that could be improved, please click to create an account, log in and make it better.

To do List

Here is a list of tasks that need doing. Please update with subentries as appropriate. JDH 18:35, 29 December 2011 (PST)

  • Populate most of the large cardinal entries with mathematical information JDH 18:35, 29 December 2011 (PST)
    • Add missing large cardinal concepts to the main attic lists
    • Create those pages and add information
    • Improve the existing stub pages with additional or better information
    • Add references to existing pages to support the claims being made
  • Develop pages with background set-theoretic information JDH 18:36, 29 December 2011 (PST)
  • Figure out how to uniformize reference entries, preferably via bibtex entries (wikipedia has some kind of reference template) JDH 18:36, 29 December 2011 (PST)
    • We need a uniform quality way to deal with references
  • Figure out how to generate an RSS feed of new posts JDH 18:36, 29 December 2011 (PST)
    • It would be great to have an RSS feed of new posts that could be used in people's blogs
  • Major projects for graphical representation of the data
    • Develop a graphical representation of the implication and consistency strength relations between large cardinals (like a grand clickable version of the diagram in Kanamori's book) Such a diagram could be the main list on the upper attic page. JDH 18:36, 29 December 2011 (PST)
    • A smaller or condensed perhaps linear version of the same diagram in a widget graphical representation to appear automatically in each page, indicating visually roughly where that cardinal sits in the hierarchy. I can imagine something like a vertical sidebar version of the toolbar on many operating systems, where the currently relevant entry appears larger than the rest, as one moves around. JDH 18:36, 29 December 2011 (PST)