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Hello, my name is Muhammad Bukhari Noor and I am a half-Chinese, half-Indonesian teenager born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I would consider myself an amateur math hobbyist whose primary area of research is extremely large numbers and fast-growing functions, which together constitude a field of math known as googology. Aside from this, I am also studying set theory and I recently created a new large cardinal axiom called Karauwan cardinal, which was first proposed in April 2021 while I was sitting around in my room thinking about my old best friend in church in the middle of COVID pandemic.

I have a discord account whose username is Cymbopogon Cirratus#0280, of which I mainly use to discuss about googology and other mathematics-related stuffs with my fellow community online. The permanent link to my discord server is given here in case you have something in urgent to talk to me or if you are willing to discuss about my mathematical inventions in depth: